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Dual Boot

March 26, 2021

I experienced something profound and I want to share.

my experience with dual booting

For three years, I have borne the pain of Windows. I hate it for being a black box. I love it for being a convenience. But I knew I wanted to get out. I was fearful. I have only one laptop and I have heard (oh lord, this word “heard”) very bad stories of entire hard disks getting purged. I couldn’t take the leap.

But as I learnt about operating systems, I gathered confidence. I begun to realise dual booting is a very easy thing to do. You just have to fully understand what you’re doing. That’s all. I did dual boot successfully yesterday. I now use Ubuntu 20.04 as my main with Windows 10 as auxillary. And then it hit me like a boulder.

The people who told me something can’t be done assumed I was like them. And because they couldn’t do it, they assumed so can’t I.

It’s all beautifully captured in my all-time favourite quote by Marcus Aurelius,

“Everything you hear is an opinion and not the fact.
Everything you see is a perspective and not the truth.”

I have become more powerful.

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