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Going Public

June 1, 2021

Circumstances have forced me to mull over unprecedented actions. However, given the situation of the country and the world in general, I hardly think that is an exceptional decision.

The question stands, should I make my blog public? As rationality dictates, I would like to put forward few thoughts both pro- and anti-, some personal, some acquired.

It is not unknown to you that this is this blog’s new home on the Web. I took down its previous home simply because a friend of mine discovered it. That maybe happened in March. Am I insecure? Yes, maybe. But who am I to judge myself, whether I’m intelligent or insecure? How can an observer infer anything about an experiment of which she herself is a part? I’ll let you all to decide.

A blog no one reads

But wait. Where is everybody? Oh, right. There is nobody. My blog has been operating anonymously for almost six months now. So, what is all this for, then? Isn’t the blog supposed to be my channel of communication with the world? Isn’t it supposed to be my representative voice? What good is a blog that no one reads? I have distressed over this fundamental inquiry for a long time. I am here because I decided to be here. I wanted people to read about a common life. I chose to reach out. Because as corny as it may sound, everybody wants to be appreciated.

Curse of creating on the web

But have I, really? Writing posts for a blog is a double-edged sword as any sensible person will tell you. For a reason as simple as simple can be: Incentive. Why should they? Nobody is interested in listening to why I cried on Wednesday night or how I built an open source app. So, eventually they will all go away after entertaining themselves for a while with my stories. Unless, I can figure a way to arrest their interest. But, isn’t all of this already figured out? Isn’t this what professional blogs do? Yes and yes.

Writing for public invariably means to write what they want. It is impossible to voice your opinions without being judged by potentially the entire Web community. I have observed this pattern before: on YouTube. Channels start out with a unique rationale churning content that they want to produce but invariably end up producing what people want even if that may not be what they intended. At the end, more or less, all the paddy in the field looks the same. Hiding my identity is a valid solution but after all this talk, I don’t think it is for me.

I am making my blog public. Public is a just a silly euphemism for “my handful of friends”. I am looking forward to making it an unforgettable experience for everyone and myself.

So long.

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