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Living in the Present or the Future

February 20, 2021

A concave disposition I figured.

Living in the now, the present versus living for the future. This is not a mutually exclusive choice. One must possess both qualities and be able to switch back and forth effortlessly between them.

Living for the future is stressful in the present but generally blissful for the future. You might argue that this must be the optimum choice but the conflict is you are preparing for something non existent and moreover, expending your present to do so and effective using what you can only ever experience, the present.

Living in the now is equally perilous as we live in modern times and there are certain expectations from me and you. One must (against all our innate desires) give in to planning and long term goals. Today, having a plan is peace of mind (Unless you are in an uncanny profession such as sainthood).

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