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Most Scarce Resource

June 20, 2021

What is the single most scarce resource at the disposal of man?

The present.

It cannot be acquired or earned. It is available to all in equal measure. It cannot be claimed forever unlike knowledge or lost like friends. We may eschew society to do our biddings but all must surrender to this moment.

Anything that you are doing now is a liability and everything else you chose not to do are missed opportunities.

People ask me, are you making proper use of your time? Clearly, that is an irrelevant question. The right question is, given the choices at your disposal, are you doing what will maximize your value?

It is preposterous and utterly stupid to compare myself with others because we two never had the same choices at the same time.

Some choose to use this moment to decorate themselves, some to create havoc, some to kill and plunder and yet some to toil and rejuvenate. It is the decision that we make that makes us. A guy maybe tall and muscular, aquiline and handsome. Or a girl maybe pretty and stunning because they invested their present in doing so. The real question is, was it worth it?

I’m never angry or annoyed at anyone. Simply because there is no time to waste! I distance myself from them to avoid future losses. That is the best strategy. I have nothing to do with those who make me feel I’m less than what I imagine myself to be.

Think about it. All the greatest inventions, the grand conquers, the brutal massacres, the glorious tales, the most passionate love, the deepest resentment. Every aspect of every man was unleashed in their present. How can you be stupid enough to spend yours being anything less than your best?

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